Hopes and dreams


All about us stood the accused

Not one of them felt abused

If I’d have known what was coming

I’d have run like f***

(Miroslav Hibek, 1993)


Atomic byway


Blue, red, red, green

Yellow, magenta, crimson

Black, purple, green and cherise

Orange, white, indigo, violet

Brown and cream

Do you dream in colour?

(Betty Schrivener, 1953)

It’s not a sonnet


Shakespeare, what did he ever do?

I mean really, what was it all about?

He used others’ stories,

Oh yes, he had a way with words,

I’ll grant you he was clever,

But really, surely, there’s more to life than

Plays, sonnets and poems.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter,

But I just don’t see the point of words

You see I’m not exactly literate or able to form a sentence

But I know one thing

I can tell who will win the 3.30 at Kempton,

He never did!

(Marshall Tiverton, 1966)